Our Services

At Icon SOC we work with our patients and their loved ones to ensure they understand their treatment and are supported throughout their treatment every step of the way. Our experienced team will recommend a range of treatment options and ensure you receive the best possible care. Icon SOC also participates in international clinical trials and where appropriate, patients may be treated with therapies that are currently under investigation through trials.

Our experienced team of medical oncologists and haematologists provide up-to-date treatments for all cancer types and deliver a patient-centred approach to deliver exceptional cancer care. We provide:


Chemotherapy is effective for cancer treatment. It is delivered in several forms; via upfront or induction chemotherapy; concurrent chemoradiation (chemotherapy and radiation therapy is delivered); adjuvant chemotherapy; curative chemotherapy; high dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue; and, palliative chemotherapy.


Our multidisciplinary team have a wealth of experience in treating blood disorders and cancers, delivering the latest treatments for leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, anaemia and certain solid tumours. Treatments available for blood disorders include; stem cell transplantation, targeted therapies and intensive chemotherapy. Our experienced haematologists work with patients to provide a personalised treatment plan based on their individual disease to ensure the best care is delivered.

Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

Icon SOC offers a comprehensive screening program delivered by cancer specialists that aims to detect cancer early. Screenings are particularly important for individuals at a higher risk of getting cancer, e.g. family history, with early detection of cancer being associated with improved treatment outcomes.

Cancer screenings are tailored depending on the individual’s needs and can comprise of: blood tests, MRIs, CTs, colonoscopies, nasoscopes and gastroscopies.