About Us

Icon SOC (previously Singapore Oncology Consultants) is made up of some of the countries’ most experienced cancer specialists. Collectively, our Icon SOC  doctors have over 250 years-experience treating cancer patients and have trained and worked at some of the world’s most renowned cancer centres. In 2016, Icon SOC became part of Icon Group – Australasia’s largest private provider of cancer care. Together we have a proud history of providing exceptional private cancer care to patients in South-East Asia and Australia.

The team at Icon SOC are unified by a set of principles and core values that guide how we treat our patients and work as a team. We believe that cancer treatment is a collaborative effort that requires the support of many people working towards one goal – to provide our patients with exceptional cancer care.

We treat a wide-range of cancers with comprehensive, world-class modalities, customised to the personal needs of our patients. Our centres provide a friendly environment for our patients and their loved ones, combined with cutting-edge technology and treatment options delivered by our caring, experienced medical team.

Our expert clinicians work collectively and discuss cases with a meticulous approach, ensuring evaluation of pathology and radiological findings in order to provide accurate diagnosis and ensure the best possible treatment plan for each patient.

We have a holistic approach to cancer care and our team are here to support patients throughout their cancer experience, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. Cancer can be a difficult time for patients and their loved ones physically, mentally and emotionally. Our team are passionate about making the time to build relationships with our patients and to understand their specific needs, fears and concerns in order to provide the best, personalised care possible. Our patient-centred approach to care extends to pain management, patient education, health care provider-to-provider communication, patient safety and cultural sensitivity to provide a comprehensive approach to treatment.